AI Services

Automating Into Success

AI Services not only implements Artificial Intelligence to accelerate your business, but also bring capabilities to further optimize your business activities.

Our purpose is to bring your business to new heights.

“Automation of various activities can improve the performance of almost any business process. Beyond enabling reduction in labor costs, automation can raise throughput, increase reliability, and improve quality, among other performance gains”.

– McKinsey Global Institute – A future that works: Automation, Employment and Productivity


New-I Robot

New-i Robot is the RPA Technology of AI Services. With clear instructions, you can automate your business processes with accuracy and precision, and without the need for human intervention

New-I Assistant

Accelerate the performance of your employees with the help of of New-i Assistant.

New-I Studio

Who isn't excited to do some automation configuration? Customize it and use it like your own studio.

“RPA is a promising new development in business automation that offers a potential ROI of 30–200 percent—in the first year.”

– McKinsey White Paper: The next acronym you need to know about: RPA

New-I Box

Set-up AI for your common business processes quickly with New-i Box-- proven automation configuration.


Build a profitable business using machine learning, data, and concepts needed to widen customer reach.

Customer Service

Handle many tasks at the same time without sacrificing your service levels.


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