About Us

At AI Services, we understand transforming the business to achieve targets and deliver seamless customer experience is always an uphill climb. Which is why we exist to help you get there and create value- for your business and stakeholders. 

For many businesses to thrive in a dynamic environment, it helps to leverage processes and activities with the latest best practices, business frameworks and methodologies, which will involve people and technology. Over time, these have to advance and meet the rising demand in order for enterprises to maintain its course in their business strategy. In most cases, finding the right leverage through technology across business, information systems and technology architectures- is the one thing that must be ensured. 


Over the recent years, Robotic Process Automation, or simply RPA, has made positive business impacts in helping them meet (or exceed) business metrics- from reducing average handling time per customer order in a logistics company to  error reductions in a back-office operations in a financial enterprise. This innovation has proven its worth as a strategic initiative for business owners and decision makers, as a leverage to smoothly run business processes for process owners, and as a way to enable fast and adaptive response to any events for practitioners in the operations.  

What we do

With technologies and innovative features coming from top-tiered organizations in the field of RPA, we provide tailored solutions based on your needs and expectations.  


From front-line to back-end of the business, our tailored solutions can be flexible and adaptable, depending on the business need. Whether round-the-clock and repetitive business operations, seamless transition to every processes, service desk automation, and even customizing one or all of these services- we got you covered. 


In addition, our delivery approach may also be in-tune according to the nature of the business need- delivered from a team of experts from Analytics, IT service, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Architecture, or Management Systems. 


Grounded on our core traits, this would mean providing our clients with innovative, value-driven and scalable technology, which in turn, make a difference to their customers. 

Let's talk!

We believe your business can go even further, and we look forward to take this innovation together with you in delivering the value it deserves. 


For discussions and inquiries, feel free to contact us.