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New-I Robot

New-i Robot is an unattended Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that will execute the mundane and repetitive business processes while you focus on what matters most for your business.

The New-i Robot requires no intervention from human and will continuously perform its
function round the clock.

The New-i Robot aims to bring reduction of cost, elimination of waste, effective use of
data for analytics and business growth.

The New-I Assistant

Clear workflows and Seamless Performance- Automated.

From business inquiry to processing and record keeping and even more- we got you covered.

But we need you to keep these things going- and this is Assisted Automation. 

Assisted automation is a technology that enables human-to-machine interaction to perform key business processes in a resource-effective manner compared to manual approach. Automating administrative tasks such as simple data transfer between systems, invoicing, automated encoding up to more complex business process and workflows, this technology has leveraged mostly BPO and Shared Services Industries in managing technology-enabled workflow to ensure on-time outputs and at the same time, on-point resource utilization and on-top customer experience. Accompanied with machine learning, proper infrastructure configuration and data analytics, Assisted automation products are now becoming more useful, easy to use and in-demand across organizations in their quest towards digital transformation.  

Here at AIS, our mission is to make sure that your business processes, leveraged through technology with the right people, creates value and keeps it smooth and productive through every weather. 

To get to know more how we can make this possible, contact us and we’ll help you bring the experience closer to your business. 

New-I Studio

Letting you configure your own automations creatively.

Long and complex processes benefit a lot with AI and RPA technology but configuration and implementation aren’t always easy.

How about the short and simple processes? Is there a way to quickly automate
these without the long and challenging configurations and implementation cycles? YES and you can do it on your own.

New-i Studio is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to setup automation with few to no programming knowledge. This takes away the restrictive constraint of implementing automation and allows for more agile and quicker configurations wherever there are opportunities.

New-I IT​

Empowering AIOps

AIOps or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is a way of managing the IT Operations with increased insights, performance and more predictable outcome through the use of data analytics and Machine Learning.

New-i is designed to be the platform to make this possible for your IT environment. IT will find great optimization and boost and performance by automating the repetitive ticket management, reduction of noises from the events and notifications, network and capacity predictions, automated problem resolutions and many more.

Service Desk Automation
Ticket creation errors, long end-user wait time, incomplete information, incorrect group assignment and ticket aging and long ticket processing time are some of the  opportunities you will see being managed and optimized through New-i IT. Designed specifically for Service Desk day-on-day operations, this New-i IT intends to take away tasks that produce errors and wasted time so your Service Desk can focus on what matters most, getting the right resolution.
Password Reset and Account Management Automation

20% to 50% of IT tickets are password resets alone. Automation in this area will not only bring savings but also increased customer satisfaction and greater end-user productivity. New-i IT will remove password resets and account creation from IT’s top concerns. 

Network Operating Center and Event Management Automation

Alert notices, proactive detection of issues and correct alert correlation are some of the challenges around event management and NOC. New-i IT will bring automation in this area for more precise and accurate alerts and more incidents proactively managed.

New I-Box

There’s an opportunity for AI and automation in almost all areas of the business. As we setup more and more AI, the more we know what configurations works in these areas for most scenarios and the results give us greater outcome predictability.

New-i Box takes these proven configurations for common processes as ready-to-install
setups to automate in a fast and simple manner.

Whether that’s sales, HR, marketing, or any other business area, there’s a New-i Box for you.