Build your status page in minutes for free

250 subscribers • 5 team members • Unlimited Service components • Unlimited incidents and maintenance

Manage incident communication at ease, for free

Branded Public and Private status page

Customize your status page and communicate incidents to the customers or internal stakeholders


Incidents & Scheduled maintenance

Be it a planned scheduled maintenance or an accidental outage, keep your customers informed

Real-time Incident notifications

Notify your customers in real-time on multi-channel and avoid flood of support requests during downtime

Showcase historical uptime

Showcase reliability to your prospects or customers with your service’s uptime history.


Incident Analytics & reports

Every company faces downtime. Learn and improve your incident responsiveness with detailed analytics.

Why Freshstatus?

Customize the look and feel of status page

Your status page should not be any different from your brand. With Freshstatus, you can customize colors, fonts, favicon, footer links, and muchmore.

Keep your team in loop with private notes

Keep your team and internal stakeholders in loop on incidents by adding private notes.

Ensure similar incidents don’t happen again

Insert detailed reports about the incidents to help your customers and employees understand the incidents better and prevent similar incidents in future.

Templates for quick messaging

Incident communication needs to be quick. With incident templates and canned response, avoid public embarrassment in the heat of a service outage.

Notify customers for services impacting them

You don’t need to spam your cstomers for every incident. Freshstatus gives your customers the ability to subscribe only to the services that impact them.

Status page for your


Communicate about your incidents or scheduled maintenance proactively with your customers

Prevent an avalanche of support requests from your customers with public status page

Avoid social media outcry by notifying your twitter followers in real-time right from Freshstatus


Keep your employees / internal stakeholders informed about any incidents or scheduled maintenance.

Restrict your status page from public access and authorize your employees to stay updated

Embed Status Badge in your internal service portal to get live update about any incidents or scheduled maintenance